Our Black Angus 100% Grass-Fed Beef is sold by the QUARTER, HALF and FULL COW.  A quarter will run between $600 and $900.  The difference is dependent upon the weight of the cow. Approximate edible weights are 85 lbs to 120 lbs of beef per quarter cow.  The price also includes butcher costs.  For exact pricing on QUARTER, HALF

and FULL COWS, please contact us directly.



You may order seperate cuts of beef, which are as follows:



1/2" to 3/4" Steaks (T-Bone, Filet, New York Strip, Porterhouse, Round, Cube)

$11.00 per lb


Roasts (Sirloin, Rump, Chuck)

$8.00 per lb.


Gound Beef (1lb packages)  

           $8.00 per lb.           


Hamburger Patties

$8.00 per lb.


Mixed Package

14 lbs of hamburger, 3 lb roast, 3 lbs of steaks

$200 (20 lbs) - 815.703.4113 - 19316 Manhattan Road, Elwood, IL 60421